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Professional bodies:

The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) is an international network of experienced and qualified pet behaviour counsellors who work on referral from veterinary surgeons to treat behaviour problems in dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses and other pets. APBC members are able to offer the time and expertise necessary to investigate the causes of unwanted behaviour in pets, and outline practical treatment plans that are suitable for their clients' circumstances. The APBC also runs seminars and workshops for its members, veterinarians, and members of the public interested in the field of pet behaviour therapy and dog training.


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a voluntary organisation established to improve the welfare of dogs and the competence of dog owners through the promotion of training skills and techniques based on up to date, researched, methods that apply the principles of kindness, fairness and effectiveness and are in keeping with modern learning theory. We provide education – via pet dog training classes and one-to-one lessons – to the dog owning public, promoting the use of Kind, Fair and Effective training.


The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) is the regulatory body that represents animal trainers and animal behaviour therapists to both the public and to legislative bodies. It sets and maintains the standards of knowledge and practical skills needed to be an animal trainer or animal behaviour therapist, and it maintains the national register of appropriately qualified animal trainers and animal behaviourists. It promotes the welfare of animals in their interactions with humans, lobbying for humane methods in training and behaviour modification, and for the education of the animal owning public.


The aim of the Dog Welfare Campaign is to provide the media and members of the public with more information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible consequences of using aversive training techniques, and where to go for appropriate advice on training and behaviour issues. The Campaign is supported by the APBC and APDT.


The Equine Podiatry Association (EPA). Equine Podiatrists are highly trained specialists in shoeless hoofcare who work closely with owners to achieve the healthiest hooves possible for their horse.  The approach is somewhat different to traditional farriery, educating owners so that they can understand how different factors influence the health of the hoof, helping to develop hoof-friendly horse management practices and providing close support and guidance as the horse’s hooves change. 


International Cat Care (Formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)) is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge, to help us care better for our cats. Founded in 1958, ICC gathers information and funds specialist feline vets to assist in the treatment of disease, establish standards for boarding catteries, and provides information, both specific and general, to cat lovers everywhere.


Animal feed companies:

As an animal behaviourist and training consultant I strongly believe that "You are what you eat" applies to pets just as much as us. Foods fall into several types and there is a vast choice on the market. A holistic approach to health and nutrition is my recommendation to clients, ensuring that training treats are also healthy and deducted from the daily feed total. These feed companies listed encompasses feeding pets the diet they evolved to eat. My Doberman, Shadow, was testament to this way of feeding, in the velvety quality of her coat, wellbeing and ultimately living for 15yrs and 6 weeks, a rarity in this breed.


Simple foods, in particular their Penlan Farm range, which are intended to allow the body to function naturally.  Made from the highest quality ingredients and without any pharmacologically active supplements. The products aim to let the body get on with what it does best:  maintain and repair itself and prevent deterioration of the organ systems. Call their                                                    nutritional helpline for assistance.         


Suppliers of Robbie’s, a dehydrated holistic dog food using the most natural, healthy ingredients for all life stages of dogs.





A complete natural dog food based on strict holistic principles. We believe in keeping dogs naturally healthy, that's why our wet dog food is hypoallergenic and free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and other nasty chemicals; perfect for fussy eaters or dogs with allergies.


Based on the ‘BARF Diet’ (Bone and Raw food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). They only use human grade meats and no fillers, additives or preservatives. They also include Scottish salmon oil and kelp to provide essential nutrients.


Nurturing by Nature. Based on the ‘BARF Diet’ (Bone and Raw food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).They are a small friendly and dedicated team of staff & family who strive to provide a wide variety of products to enable you to feed the healthiest meals to your four legged friends.




Suppliers of Stag Bar Antler dog chews. Chewing releases, feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy. Stagbars last longer than any other dog chew on the market. They contain important minerals, but don’t contain nylon, and clean the dog's teeth. They are clean, leaving no stain or mess on the carpet, and are also very low in odour.


Simple System Ltd.  The closer a feeding system programme can get to the natural system of feeding the easier it is to maintain gastrointestinal tract homeostasis. The range of forages, blends and balancers are free from cereals, molasses, pulses, soya, preservatives, additives and low in sugar and starch (in particular ‘Timothy chop’). Simple System blue bag grass pellets make ‘healthy’ equine training treats. ‘Natural grazing mix’ is a ryegrass free blend utilising traditional grass species, which are safer                                                  for equines.


Nature’s Best by Hill's. The unique combination of natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients helps to ensure that your pet receives the right balance of nutrients to keep him/her healthy and active. Hill's Nature's Best is a perfect balance of Wholesome Natural ingredients. Clinically proven antioxidants supporting a healthy immune system. Kitten, Adult and Mature Cat range.


Happy Cat cat food is made entirely from raw ingredients from Germany. It is refined with the unique Happy Cat Bio formula. This produces a cat food that supports the natural metabolic systems of your pet.



Canine dietary supplements worthy of note:

‘Almost Human Superdog Essential Omegas 3:6:9’ by Higher Nature. Omega 3 assists in the maintenance of flexible joints and a smart brain. Omega 6 aids healthy skin, a glossy coat and good immunity; and both fatty acids are important for cardiovascular fitness.



'Keeper's Mix' by Dorwest Veterinary.Given as a vitamin and mineral supplement to the diet to regulate the body’s functions and assist in enabling the full benefit of the food to be obtained. Add to daily food as directed on the product.



Manuka Honey’ Active10+ by Rowse. General wellness and digestive health. Contains highly potent anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. 15+ Activity Manuka honey is suggested when acute infections are suspected, whilst 5+ and 10+ Manukas are usually employed for general health maintenance. Add level teaspoon daily. Source: health shops and supermarkets.



‘Glyco Flex’ products by Vetri-Science. Provide complete support for proper function of connective tissue and joints throughout a dog’s life. Range includes: Glyco Flex I (Basic), II (Intermediate), III (Advanced). Add to daily food as directed on the product. Source: veterinary dispensed (may be claimable on insurance policies – check your policy for details) or Internet sourced.



‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ by Aspall (Organic brand which utilises the whole apple). There are many benefits to using ACV. A natural antibiotic and antiseptic, improves stamina, prevents muscle fatigue after exercise and increases resistance to disease. Helpful in digestive disorders and oral health, rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, improves metabolism, aids digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, invaluable in arthritis and helps prevent urinary tract infections to name but a few. Two teaspoons a day for a 50lb dog. Source: health shops and supermarkets. 



Equine dietary supplements worthy of note:

Daily Vitamins & Minerals supplement by Dodson and Horrell. Provides optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for maintenance of a healthy musculo-skeletal system.


Himalayan rock salt lick by Hilton Herbs. A 550 million year old source of minerals and trace elements (such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are vital for maintaining health). My experience has shown that horses do prefer these to other salt licks. The advantage being they are                                                  weather resistant, so can be left in the field for horses to ‘self dose’ and,                                                 being ‘rock hard’, horses are unable to bite chunks off the block.


Animal training equipment suppliers:

In particular Ultra Baskerville muzzles, House Lines, Halti training leads. Activity feeders - Buster Cube (small), Stuff-a-Ball & Activity-ball, Kong and Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys (in particular Dog Brick or Dog Tornado – plastic versions), Air Kong fetch stick, Furminator and Zoom                                                       Groom.



In particular training books and accessories. 





In particular Lupin Roman harnesses.




In particular vehicle travel cages and guards.




In particular ‘Canny Collar’ and 25ft recall training lead with padded grips for comfort.




In particular rock salt, field paste and sole cleanse.




In particular Mobile horse shelters.




Veterinary practices:

Three Legged Cross, Dorset


Witchampton, Dorset



Bournemouth, Dorset


Verwood, Dorset


Windlesham, Surrey


Elms Veterinary Surgery, Faringdon, Oxfordshire




Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire




Waggy Tails Rescue, Wimborne, Dorset






Bournemouth, Dorset