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Donna offers a professional and comprehensive, reward–based, behavioural referral and training service across the south of England based from Three Legged Cross in Dorset, near Ringwood. In particular she covers Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Berkshire and Gloucestershire. Having just re-located to Dorset from Salisbury in Wiltshire, she continues to run clinics and home visits in and around that area on a weekly basis. She also offers consultations in Dorset for clients who reside outside these counties.

Donna primarily offers a behavioural counselling service on veterinary referral, ‘One-2-One’ training for canines, equines and felines and a variety of classes for canines. Donna can also conduct assessment for adoption and fostering placements (further details and a referral form can be found on the APBC website) and staff training (CPD) on training and behaviour for animal welfare charities. On initial contact Donna will determine whether the case is behavioural or a training issue.

It is essential that physical causes are excluded before behavioural problems are investigated further and, as such, behavioural cases will only be taken on referral from a veterinary surgeon in line with the APBC guidelines. This can be achieved in one of two ways: either a veterinary surgeon can refer the case direct or Donna will contact your veterinary practice and seek a referral on your behalf.

Some leading pet insurers in the UK allow their policyholders to claim for behavioural consultations provided by full members of the APBC, of which Donna is one. Donna can discuss this process with you on application.

Resolving behavioural symptoms is not prescriptive, every owner and their pets relationship is unique. Donna’s behavioural service involves completing a pre-consultation behaviour history questionnaire, followed by a 3-4 hour consultation depending on the number and complexity of problems presented. This consultation is conducted at your home, yard or at facilities in Three Legged Cross, Dorset. If the behaviour problem is occurring outside the home environment, such as with aggression towards other dogs, then time will be spent in these environments in addition. This enables Donna to get a true picture of the problem in order to get an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. It also allows her to explain, demonstrate and for you to imitate in practical terms, how you are going to implement the advice given ‘in the real world’, in order to resolve your pet’s problems rather than merely managing them.

Following the consultation clients receive a comprehensive written report, which includes a personally tailored behaviour modification programme. Each programme involves a combination of approaches: modifying the environment, modifying the pet’s behaviour through behavioural modification/pharmacological intervention where appropriate and modifying the client’s response through education. Ongoing telephone and email support is available at no extra cost. This enables the client to keep Donna updated on the pet’s progress so that she can give further advice or practical support where necessary. Often an initial consultation and subsequent telephone and email support is all that is required. Follow up visits can be arranged if required and additional practical support is given on a One-2-One training basis or as part of a subsequent class.

Donna’s ‘One-2-One’ training service is tailored to suit each case. Each session will be a minimum of one hours duration, determined by completing an initial behaviour history questionnaire. Such sessions can deal with specific training problems clients have or they will help build and cement practical life skills. They range from an individual one off session to a series of sessions conducted over a pre-determined period of time, which can be weekly or monthly. Sessions can also be set up as a ‘Good Manners’ course with a group of people up to a maximum of 6. Supporting literature with a mini written report detailing a personally tailored training programme is provided.

Donna has run courses in ‘Puppy Playgroup’ (including the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Puppy Foundation Course), ‘Good Manners,’ ‘Perfect Manners’, ‘Fun and Games with Dogs’, ‘Daytime Training Walks’ and ‘Social Dog Walks’. In order to set aside more time for behavioural cases, these once popular and highly regarded courses are now incorporated into her ‘One-2-One’ training and her current canine courses.

Donna can also be booked to give practical demonstrations, including the use of her own horses, on all aspects of canine and equine behaviour and training at indoor and outdoor venues.

Details of Donna’s services can be found here:

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