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Canine Services

Canine behavioural consultations:
 Too often is the case that despite families being committed to working with their dog to resolve behavioural problems, previous attempts to cure the problems have had minimal effect. With behaviours impacting on family life these canines are sadly either ‘managed’ for the rest of their lives (such as being kept permanently on lead in public, walked at unsociable hours to avoid other dogs or people, excluded from partaking in family activities, suffering from short or long term ill health arising as a consequence and often causing substantial financial outlay through household damage and ‘quick fix’ merchandise), re-homed or euthanased.

We should be enjoying our canine companions not enduring them, and our dogs should equally be given the opportunity to have a fulfilled and enriched life. Behavioural consultations can make a real difference to the relationship between an owner and their dog and improve the lives of both. It will also help to prevent future problems. Following referral from a vet for a specified problem or set of problems, Donna will conduct a thorough behavioural consultation in your home. Help can be provided for any of the following behavioural problems:

-       Aggression towards dogs and people

-       Fearful, anxiety and phobia-related disorders

-       Separation related problems

-       Compulsive disorders

-       Elimination problems

-       Attention seeking

-       Destructiveness

-       Car travel

-       Inappropriate barking and chasing

-       Consumptive problems

-       Other miscellaneous problems (such as introduction of a new cat/dog/child)

Costs: The cost of a behavioural consultation is £245 (approx 3-4 hours) depending on the number and complexity of problems presented. This fee covers the consultation, report, support materiel and a period of email and phone support. Locations outside the local area would incur travel costs. Clients also have the option to travel to me if appropriate for the case. This cuts out travel costs and can reduce waiting times.

Canine Classes and ‘One-2-One’ training: For those that want a clever canine or a perfect pooch. Available for all dogs (puppies, adolescents and mature dogs). All training methods used are exceptionally kind, highly successful and are scientifically proven. 

Dogs need to be provided with an ideal forum to learn or maintain their social etiquette and skills needed for life as a family pet, such as specific education to prevent problems arising, re-education where problems now exist and effective consequences to inappropriate behaviour. The aim is to help owners gain a real understanding of their dog, its needs and limitations, and to foster a harmonious working relationship. Dogs need to enjoy a widely based socialisation and teaching programme so that they develop into socially competent, well-adjusted and valued member of the family and community.

Training should be fun for both owners and dogs - that way you are both much more likely to do more of it.  Dogs learn through being motivated so that they want to do what you want - not because they have to, but because they want to! 

Dogs are contextual learners. Behaviours that are taught at home, in the garden or in the training class location will be specific to that venue, unless they are reproduced and reinforced consistently in a number of other situations, such as when out on walks. As a result the courses reflect real world scenarios meaning skills learnt are transferable to different environments.

Through structured training with self-control exercises and controlled free play, you learn exercises with practical day-to-day applications that really work out and about in the ‘real’ world. The benefit to your dog and family is incalculable. Class sizes are kept small to create a learning environment and to allow for more individual attention, discussion, safety and enjoyment. Such sessions will help build and cement practical life skills, specifically:

- Attention (whatever the distraction level or environment).

- Basic positions (verbal & hand signals).

- Coming when called (including to the whistle).

- Walking beside handler both on and off lead.

- Control & socially appropriate greetings around other people, dogs, animals and distractions whilst both on and off-lead.

- Emergency stop for safety (including to the whistle).

- Leave it (including leaving a moving distraction and when engrossed in something).

- Tolerate and accept grooming & handling.

- Settle (including relaxing alone at home).

- Reliable stay.

- Appropriate food & special toy searches and games (including retrieve to handler’s hand).

- Car manners.

- Instruction in responsible dog ownership.

- Understanding of canine behaviour and how to prevent and resolve problems arising such as: multi-dog households, living safely with children and other animals, house soiling, resource guarding, scavenging, jumping up, mounting, mouthing, chewing and barking.

'Puppy Playgroup' course. A socialisation and head-start programme for puppies under 20 weeks at the start of the course. Maximum of 4 puppies on each course.

Training walks. Weekly walks for training tips and support in the ‘real world’ whatever the weather! Designed to allow owners to carry on having fun, extend training skills and maintain your dog’s social skills around people, animals, dogs and distractions. Clients must have attended a course or consultation with Donna prior to attendance. Attendance is flexible. Summer and winter times and days of the week may vary. Further details on application.

One-2-One Training. Such sessions can deal with specific training problems you may have, such as pulling on the lead, inappropriate chasing, poor recall and jumping up or will help build and cement practical life skills on and off lead. These sessions take place at the owner’s home and utilise where appropriate their local surrounding environment, such as local dog walking areas. Sessions can also be conducted at a training venue in Three Legged Cross, Dorset if clients prefer.

Course start dates and times: Next course start dates for Puppy Playgroup are available on application - Book early to avoid disappointment.

Summer and Winter – Sundays from 9.00 am

Course venue: Three Legged Cross, Dorset. Time will be spent working outside in a safe and secure environment replicating ‘real life' so please bring appropriate clothing.


Puppy Playgroup course: £58 for 5 weeks tuition (4 weeks of class sessions and a 5th week training walk at a local park putting everything into practice in the real world) and support material (clicker, handouts and training treats).

Individual ‘One-2-One’ Training session: £55 for a 1 hour session. This includes support material (clicker, handouts, training treats), an initial personally tailored training programme and further support via email or telephone. Subsequent sessions have detailed summary notes. Cases requiring a longer session would incur a higher fee - price on application. Locations outside the local area would incur travel costs. Clients also have the option to travel to me if appropriate for the case. This cuts out travel costs and can reduce waiting times.

Adoption and Foster assessments: A consultation to assess the animal(s) and the home of potential adoptive parents or foster carers using a recognized standard protocol. The service is designed primarily for dogs but may also be used for other animals. The assessment process involves:

- A visit to the home lasting approximately 1 & 1/2 hours (longer for multiple animals).

- A report sent to the agency requesting the assessment, to include:

- Owner experience and relationship with the animal(s).

- Exposure and behaviour in various social situations, training background, and health issues.

- Practical considerations regarding home environment.

- Temperament and behaviour with members of the household, visitors, general public, and children (0-5yrs, 5-10yrs, 10+years).

- A professional opinion on the risks these animals present to children, particularly those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

- Advice regarding the introduction of children and animals.

Costs: Price on application.