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Equine Services

Equine behavioural consultations: Is there something about your horse’s behaviour you wish you could change? Do you have a horse that is difficult to catch, handle, load, or hack out alone?

We should be enjoying our equine companions not enduring them, and our horses should equally be given the opportunity to have a fulfilled and enriched life. Horses are individuals; their characters and behaviour vary. They start life with a genetic inheritance that we cannot subsequently alter, but we can control and guide what they learn from life. We can influence the experiences they have, to ensure that they learn to react to events in a manner that is acceptable to us. Behavioural consultations can make a real difference to the relationship between an owner and their horse and improve the lives of both. It will also help to prevent future problems. Following referral from a vet for a specified problem or set of problems, Donna will conduct a thorough behavioural consultation at your horse’s yard. Help can be provided for any of the following management, handling and ridden behavioural problems:

-       Catching in the paddock

-       Handling & leading

-       Grooming & tacking up

-       Loading & travelling

-       Shoeing

-       Spooking

-       Aggression

-       Nervousness

-   Separation related problems

-       Other miscellaneous problems

Costs: The cost of a behavioural consultation ranges from £85 - £165 (2-3 hours) depending on the number and complexity of problems presented. This fee covers the consultation, report, support materiel and a period of email and phone support. Locations outside the local area would incur travel costs. Clients also have the option to travel to me if appropriate for the case. This cuts out travel costs and can reduce waiting times.


Equine ‘One-2-One’ training: Does your horse approach the world boldly and with delight rather than with fear and anxiety? Are you worried about hacking out? Is your horse confident, calm and a natural problem solver? Do you have a horse that is new to clicker training? Do you have a foal to start?

There is a kinder and more effective way to train your horse - Have you clicked yet? My horses have. Your horse is learning all the time they are awake and horses are putting their interpretations on events, not just when you want to do ‘training’. In the long run it is going to be a lot quicker and easier if you teach your horse what you want in relation to certain words and signals now, than if you wait for unacceptable behaviour to develop and then have to correct it. Your horse has to realise which particular bits of the current things they are doing are what you want. For example, if they are being taught to stand to be groomed and they are thinking about getting back to the field to graze, they may well fidget from side to side. It is unfair not to explain what you want and expect your horse to know. He will willingly do what you have taught them, but you do need to do the teaching first. Try to look at things from their point of view, and if they do not behave as you had hoped, ask yourself why? You need to ensure that you are actually teaching your horse what you want as it is very easy to inadvertently teach something you did not mean to. Teaching your horse ‘Good Manners’ will make them responsible for their actions, with the emphasis on them doing as they are asked during groundwork and ridden work. It will help bring resolution to other undesirable behaviours being exhibited.

Donna’s tailor made 1-2-1 training sessions are geared around what you want to learn or overcome with your horse. This tuition will help overcome training problems including in 3 areas:

-       Life skills. Good manners for foals and youngsters to improving the older horse. Sessions will help build and cement practical life skills such as:

o      Getting their attention

o      Coming when called

o      Leading beside handler on and off line

o      Stand (for grooming/farrier/fitting equipment/mounting/etc)

o      Back up

o      Lateral movement and jumping

o      Handling

o      Loading

o      Confidence in and around unfamiliar or scary objects and environments

-       Training hack. Providing training tips and support out in the ‘real world’ either from your yard or at an agreed rendezvous.

-     Fun and games. Advanced training for accomplished clicker users. Extend your training skills beyond the basics, play games and teach your horse new tricks.

Costs: The cost of an individual ‘One-2-One’ session is £55 for a 1 hour  session. This includes support material (clicker / handouts / training treats), an initial personally tailored training programme, and further support via email / telephone. Subsequent sessions have detailed summary notes. Cases requiring a longer session would incur a higher fee - price on application. Locations outside the local area would incur travel costs. Clients also have the option to travel to me if appropriate for the case. This cuts out travel costs and can reduce waiting times.

Equine group training: Group ‘One-2-One’ training sessions are also available for up to a maximum of 4 people / horses - price on application.