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Feline Services

Feline behavioural consultations: Too often is the case that despite families being committed to working with their cat to resolve behavioural problems, previous attempts to cure the problems have had minimal effect. With behaviours impacting on family life these felines are sadly either ‘managed’ for the rest of their lives (such as suffering from short or long term ill health arising as a consequence and often causing substantial financial outlay through household damage and ‘quick fix’ merchandise), re-homed or euthanased.

It is important to appreciate the natural social behaviour of the cat and the potentially unnatural demands that life in a domestic environment puts on our feline companions. There is a basic need for the species’ sense of control and the importance of environmental and social predictability in maintaining physical and emotional homeostasis. We should be enjoying our feline companions not enduring them, and our cats should equally be given the opportunity to have a fulfilled and enriched life. Behavioural consultations can make a real difference to the relationship between an owner and their cat and improve the lives of both. It will also help to prevent future problems. Following referral from a vet for a specified problem or set of problems, Donna will conduct a thorough behavioural consultation in your home. Help can be provided for any of the following behavioural problems:

-       Inter-cat aggression and aggression towards people

-       Fearful, anxiety and phobia-related disorders

-       House soiling and marking

-       Bonding problems

-       Attention seeking 

-       Compulsive disorders including over-grooming and pica (consumption of non-food items)

-       Other miscellaneous problems (such as introduction of a new cat/dog/child)

Costs: The cost of a behavioural consultation is £200 (2-3 hours) depending on the number and complexity of problems presented. This fee covers the consultation, report, support materiel and a period of email and phone support. Locations outside the local area would incur travel costs. Clients also have the option to travel to me if appropriate for the case. This cuts out travel costs and can reduce waiting times.