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Training Videos

The videos below feature animals trained by Donna with reward based methods and speak for themselves. No choke chains, shouting, round pens, whips or rope flicking were used in the making of the end product. The information in the Training Methods section explains how these elements were achieved. 

The first canine video features Donna handling her then 8 year old Doberman, Shadow, and Christina Oates, a client who attended Donna’s training classes, handling her then 1 year old Lancashire Heeler, Turbo. They were performing “Anything you can do I can do to” at a Dorset charity event. The second canine video, features Donna and Shadow during one of their demonstrations given at Crufts.

The 5 equine videos demonstrate the training progression that can be achieved from a foal to competition standard. They show a mix of Donna handling and riding her New Forest Pony, Charmer, at numerous localities, both at home and at public performances and finally at BHS TREC competitions, from the age of 12 months.